Who I AM

Who am I – Next 24 Hours will tell you the truth

WHO AM I? and WHAT AM I? are the two question which comes to everyone mind at least once in there life.

Jim Rohn once said :

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

From my childhood, Everyone around me always suggested me to keep good friend circle, Friends shape your identity.

But my friends are just one influence in my life.

What about the individual I surround myself with each second of my life?  Yes, I’m referring myself.

What about karma?

YOU will be the biggest impact on your life.

I think WHO AM I? can be answered by exploring how you spend your next 24 hours.


Your friends are important. However, what’s more, important is to develop into a person who you would like to devote all of your life with.

who am I

Tell me the way your normal day looks like and I’ll tell you who you will become.

This is how I found out my answer to WHO AM I ?, This basically consists of four things :

  1. Your Habits.
  2. What do you believe?
  3. Things you eat and brain consume.
  4. And in the last, your ambitions.

You’re the Average Of Your Habits

Small daily customs add up to huge changes in life.

It is not exactly what you do sometimes that matters; It is what you do frequently which sets the path of your life.

Many individuals do things for immediate gratification.

Who am i

They do not acquire some new skill or understanding for the future.
They do not take huge actions to invest in their future.

Ask yourself…

If you continue doing the things you do daily, where could be in a decade from today?

Is this where you wish to take your life?  This is what you will like to look and feel the way you are today after 10 years?

If the answer is no, alter your daily habits and allow the compounding effect work for you.

You’re The Average Of Your Thoughts

Whether you believe it or not, but, you do speak to yourself in your mind a lot.


The majority of your thoughts stem from your surroundings, values, and beliefs.
Here is the formula to get a positive and clean thought:

Positive thought = Decluttered mind ➕ Congruency with values ➖ Limiting beliefs

who I AM

To declutter your mind, ditch out your thoughts without being too much attached to them.

Dumping could consist of writing down your thoughts, speaking out loud or just observing your thoughts.

Strong values arrive with the right intentions.

If you do not understand what you appreciate, see what you admire about individuals or about yourself.

When you understand your values, stick with them to remain congruent.

Whenever your values, needs, and activities are aligned; you will feel confident from inside.

understanding yourself

Limiting beliefs are people worse concealed enemy. They take it with them without understanding it.

Each individual could achieve greater heights as soon as they begin believing.

I know it sounds cliche but you can genuinely become or achieve whatever you put your mind to.

You’re The Average Of What You Consume

Everything you read, see, listen, purchase and consume affect your mood, energy, and behaviour.

It’s easy to drop down into a negative downward spiral by scrolling through interpersonal networking, reading the negative news, eating junk foods, buying worthless items, etc..

What You Consume

These actions literally play with your brain and make you hooked on them.
media plays with your mind.

Every single time you scroll, your mind releases dopamine and it retains craving it for more.

The modern media keeps you in survival mode.

They benefit from how people become hooked on drama and fear-based news.

Junk food increases your blood sugar to crazy amounts simply to acquire a money from you. (And of course, the other things crap food does to you)

Buying stuff is just another means to instantly feel great.

However, all the things you purchase take your attention, time, space and money in your house.

So just buy things that really add value to your own life.

You’re The Average Of Your Ambitions

If you are clear about your goals in your life, It will be far easy to set the right direction for your life and move forward with your goal.

Common aspirations result in a standard life.
Big aspirations need spirit and extensive actions. Not all of these extensive actions result in success.
But when you average out the outcome of these efforts, you end up far ahead than most people.
Your ambition will give you the strength and power you need for your growth.
So pick your purpose in your life wisely because they set the course of your life, occupation, fitness, wealth, relationships and personal growth.
Think big.
You will only get what you think you deserve.
Because when your ambitions are great, your efforts won’t stay average.
You will seek constant growth because you must match to the standard of your purposes.
High goals → High actions → Higher learning → Higher success
When you gain success, celebrate the best way you can but at the same time never stop striving.
Your ambitions will give you the reason to wake up every morning, do something better with your day, every day.

So, What is the conclusion about Who am I or should I say Who are you?

You are the person you encompass yourself with your time.

The compounding impact of what you do, think, consume and seek to — add up.

What do you think? Give me your feedback in the comments below.