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vehicle owner details by registration number

How to get vehicle owner details by registration number


Ever wanted to get vehicle owner details by providing registration number? Well, now you can. You just need to send a SMS and details will be sent out to you. Yes, this is as easy as it sounds.

For testing this service, I started with my own car (I even tested it with other cars, but don’t want to display their info here in public).
My car number is MH-15-EB2417, So I texted :  VAHAN MH15EB2417 to 7738299899 and within few seconds I received this reply

how to find car owner by license plate number in india

To avail this service,you need to enter the complete vehicle registration number with state code and number and you will get all the required details as seen on above image.

Do you think this is a good initiative started by the Transport Department of India  ?

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