Holiday In Goa – How to Keep Perfect balance between Class and Cost

Normally I like to travel in class but sometimes you can manage a perfect balance between class and cost  especially if you are travelling alone (Like I do mostly). However, when I travel with my team or family comfort is my priority but when I travel alone I try to make a balance between cost and class.

If you are an Indian traveller its most likely that Goa is on your list. here are some tips which will make your Goa Holidays worth every penny.

  1. Plan Ahead and plan short: If you want to just get a hand on goa and don’t like crowd (just like me) then plan a trip not more than 3-4 days , best option is Monday to Thursday. Why ? My next point explains that.
    Cost : Rs.0
  2. Reaching Goa: I love flying and my first option is fly into Goa. Take a weekday flight, From Mumbai you may get flight to Goa for as low as Rs 2000 mostly on Monday and return on Thursday. Airlines plans their fare as per demand in the route and as you rightly guessed Monday is not everyone day to travel. So if you can manage a leave on Monday, It’s your jackpot.
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    Cost : Rs.4000
  3. After Landing: When you land you will land at Dabolim Airport, I am assuming you will like to visit north Goa or even if you want to stay in south beautiful beaches the call is all your but just for planning to entire goa trip,
    Goa Bus
    Goa Bus

    Take a Goa transport buses, Well people will say you have to take cab (will cost you Rs.1400 for one way trip to north goa) as that’s the only option available but it is expensive to ride. Now think about it, there are 100’s of people working in the airport and everyone will not go home on cabs.
    As soon as you out from Airport go to your right and walk for say 100 meter’s and you will see a bus standing. take a ride to Vasco-Da-Gama bus stop.

    Airport to Vasco (Rs.10) -> Vasco to Panjim (shuttle bus) (Rs.45) -> Panjim to Calangute beach (Rs.40) / or if you want to goto Arombol Beach take a bus to Mapusa (Rs.40) and from Mapusa to Arombol (Rs.25). So your two way trip to the extreme south to north goa will be Rs.320 – to max 400.

    The second option is to rent a bike from Vasco and go anywhere you want in goa. I normally rent Bullet 500 which cost around Rs.500 per day but you can also get Activa for Rs.200 per day the call is your. The cost of petrol is cheap in goa compare to rest of India in fact its cheaper then diesel. Why ? here is the answer :
    Cost : Rs.320 to Rs.1200 (320 for bus and 1200 for Activa for 4 days including petrol) 

  4. Staying in Goa: Travling solo have it perks, Looks for hostel in place of rooms. Or look for rooms with small kitchen attached, They provide Gas also.
    Cost: Rs.1400 to Rs.3000 for 4 days depeding upon type of room you select.
  5. Eating: I am not very good cook so I prefer Canned Food which I normally pre-order from Amazon  or you can also have corn flakes or any quick ready to eat breakfast so your cost of breakfast for 4 days is from Rs.800 to Rs.1000 depending upon choice and if you are good cook you cook anything you want.
    Cost : Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 (depending upon your eating habit and cooking skill )

Now lets come to summery :

Travelling : Rs.4320 to 5200 (assuming you are travelling from Mumbai and you love to fly)
Staying : Rs.1400 to 3000
Eating : Rs.3000 to 5200
Total : Rs.8720 to 13400 for 4 days trip

This is excluding any boozing and party you are planing 😉

Have a great stay in Goa !!


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