Things I have learned from Mr. Vijay Mallya


I been hearing from my childhood:

You don’t need to drink alcohol to know if its spoils your liver or not. You can see the effect of alcohol all around you.

being the first generation entrepreneur, I need to keep my eyes and ears open to learn from other good and bad experience. I have been reading the Vijay Mallya story carefully and also seeing the overdose of stories and debates being carried by Indian and world media on him.

I was wondering how can a man do so many wrong things especially since he has always said that Richard Branson was his Idol. Wow, seriously Richard? OMG !! anyway

After going through lots of his failed business history and his attitude towards life some points are coming to my mind and I am sharing some of these:

  1. You should always have a mentor : Having an idol and having a mentor is totally different things, Always have Mentor or team of advisors who will be critical of your rash moves and temptations and listen to their words of advice.
  2. Don’t be quicky: No one like quicky, let it be sex or business. Do not try to setup quick business back to back even Nature needs 9 months. good thing takes time. Similarly, never try to over achieve in a short span of time.
  3. Buisness if a serious thing:
    I mean it, Buisness if really serious stuff don’t mix. I think Mallya had taken business too lightly. Buisness should feel fun but you can not take FUN word literally remember FUN is not synopses of pleasure:

    vijay mallya fun

  4. Be ethical. Never do stupid things like forgery, tax evasion etc . Sooner or later you will be caught and made to cough up huge sums.
  5. Kings of a Good Time does not always remain the same: The world is full of fair weather friends who will enjoy with you during your good times and desert you during your bad times.


I am an open book. Some read the first page and fall asleep while the rest keep asking me for subsequent volumes.

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