Understanding Candlestick Pattern Indicator – Detail Guide Book

What is Candlestick Pattern ?

If you are thinking to enter stock market and want to build a career in In technical analysis field, a candlestick pattern is something you must first aware of.

Candlestick pattern is a movement in prices shown graphically on a stock chart or any trading chart  that can help predict a particular market movement.

In this article we will cover each and every pattern of candlestick.

1. Candle Properties

2.  Doji

3. Shooting Start

4. Hanging Man

5. Hammer

6. Inverted Hammer

7. Bullish engulfing

8. Bearish engulfing

9. Piercing pattern

10. Dark Cloud Cover

11. Harami

12. Harami cross

13. morning star

14. evening start

15. Tweezer Top

16. Tweezer bottom

17. upward gap tasuki

18. downward gap tasuki

19. Rising Three

20.Falling three