About Shashi Kant

I am an open book. Some read the first page and fall asleep while the rest keep asking me for subsequent volumes.

This website is more of my personal blog, nothing to do with my related and more business oriented website like www.netspaceindia.com and my content oriented sandbox www.page3mumbai.com and www.page3nashik.com. However, from time to time I do share my business and technical experience, but most of the time they belong to where they should. As of now, www.theindiaguy.in is my personal big space where I share my travel experiences and knowledge obtained from the road less travelled, or even some cool life hacks.

Some call me an Entrepreneur, Businessman, Myth or even Mega tech guy !! Well, why not all ?

I always treat life as full-time, fun-filled journey. So, here I am sharing my journey with you 🙂

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or even in the deepest darkest place you’ve ever been. The big question is, would you like to follow ?

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  1. Hi Sheikh,

    All the details and process of registration an NGO is mentioned in my article. Is there any specific thing you want to ask?

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