Chapter 6: Welcome to ‪Leh‬

After an epic journey from Pang to Leh. Finally, we are at Leh.

Finally ray of #hope, welcome to #leh

Shashi Kant Pandidhar यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, २३ जुलै, २०१६

We stayed in a hotel at Leh for one day for some local shopping and some rest.

 Leh Market : 

This market is filled with varieties for souvenirs, clothes, flags, singing bowls, prayer wheels, metal stuff, bracelets, earrings, finger rings and lot of interesting things. This place needs some good negotiation skills, which we all possess by birth 🙂

Leh Market
Leh Market



 Pangong Lake: 

Next day we were all set to visit the lovely Pangong lake. This place will bring you close to nature like never before and you will leave the world behind you. I would have loved to stay for hours at the side of the lake, looking at the pristine blue waters and mountains behind it. The sheer beauty of Pangong Lake is the fact that the lake displays multiple colours ranging from shades of blue, green and even sometimes appearing reddish. There are a handful of makeshift eating joints near Pangong Tso lake, these eateries are more like dhabas.

Some of my friends could not stop themselves from taking a dip in the freezing waters.

Note: Indian Tourists or Indian Nationals require to apply for Inner Line Permits and foreign nationals need to apply for Protected Area Permits (PAPs). This copy of Inner Line Permit is to be submitted at ITBP/Army check-posts and they allow you to pass through.

This huge lake ranging over 150 kms out of which only 1/3rd of it is within India. It was beautiful beyond words. The journey towards Pangong lake was totally out of the world, I kind of ran out of words to describe it.It’s a feeling, an emotion. The crystal clear waters are clean and untouched, thanks to the Government for not having any actiities like boating and preserving the natural beauty. Watching a sunrise or a sunset and night is a lifetime achievement here.No wonder, this place is on everyone’s bucket list.

And soon night came calling and what I saw that night made me realise, that we human beings are tiny specks of dust.


That night I saw something I could only dream of, “The Milky Way”. I was staring at the open sky for hours and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Myjaw dropped expression said it all. Pangong Tso is one such place, which seems so unreal that you have to actually pinch yourself. Standing near the lake, when you raise your head to the sky, you are greeted with the most amazing sight of stars that you could ever imagine. I am extremely ecstatic that I saw it and you didn’t 😛

But all good things come to an end and times flies, next day morning we had to head back to Leh. To my surprise, there was more beauty waiting for us on the way back. We spotted some Playing Himalayan Marmots and they were the most friendly ones out there, here is the snapshot :

The place has to be visited to be believed. I highly recommend everyone to take this trip at least once in their lifetime.

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